Useful tips

In the guest house you will find brochures, maps and more information of what to do in the area.

Renting at the neighbours: Jachthaven Kortenhoef
www.jachthavenkortenhoef.nl 035-6561871 of 06-13628119
motorized boates, rowing boats, canoes, electric moped/solex, company party

2 doors on the road: Restaurant de Sloep
www.desloep.com 035-5250087
for just a drink, lunch or dinner

Around the corner: Watersportcentrum Ottenhome
www.ottenhome.nl 035-5823331
Restaurant, Company parties,
Renting sailboats, motorized boats and canoes.

Over the bridge on the Kortenhoefsedijk: Brasserie GSJ
www.brasseriegeesje.nl 035-6561022
For lunch and dinner

Down the canal (direction Hilversum): Dirkse Watersport
www.dirksewatersport.nl 035-5822986/06-27097450
Renting of comfortable motorized boats.

Enjoy lunch, a drink of dinner, in the small village of Vreeland
Lokaal Zuid: www.lokaalzuid.nl 0294-230230

Fishing there were it is allowed: Fishing Info Europe
www.fishinginfo.eu. Informative website about fishing

Ktoef is on the website of Bed and Breakfast Nederland

Ktoef is also mentioned on the websites: Sleeping on a fine pillow
and on the website: Special places
These are websites about special over nights


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