Lounge around

Enjoy the elapsing of time

“Lounge around” is a cultivated way of doing nothing.
Taking a time-out, with the purpose to relax.
Doing nothing gives a peace of mind.
The awareness that you live now!
By doing nothing at the right time, you regain insight on the small things that makes live valuable.
“Lounging around” is easy to learn.
It is a valuable investment in yourself.
Do allow yourself to lounge around?


Lounging around

Do it at the right speed!
Slow when it is possible, fast when it has to be.
A quote from the e-book
Lanterfanten (Lounging around) from Henk de Boer. 

lanterfantenA suggestion!
Dutch website Lanterfanten

Pictures from the lake de Wijde Blik with a relaxed music from YouTube.