Accommodation for recreation

Alternately and for everyone

Guest house Ktoef is situated in the Gooi en Vechtstreek area, the oasis of the Randstad.
You can walk for hours along the water or go by boat.
Walking of biking in the nature.

Experience the world of radio and television at Beeld en Geluid in Hilversum.

You prefer to shop?
Join the real women of “het Gooi” in Laren.
The nice small shopping roads of Bussum are recommended.

Everywhere in the Gooi & Vechstreek area you find nice terraces and cosy restaurants.

You don’t feel in going out?
Stay lounching around at Guest house Ktoef.
Sit on the coach and enjoy the gorgeous doing nothing.
Enjoy a drink in the garden.
Take a footbath or a full bath.
You will have an excellent sleep.


We thought of everything!

Two bikes are ready for you.
Books, magazines, party games en movies are available.
It is really good to stay in Ktoef!

Tourist office Wijdemeren

More information about the Gooi & Vecht area is available
at the VVV Wijdemeren (Tourist office)